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Photoshop Wrap-Up Assignment March 9, 2011

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For this image I selected the area that I wanted the colour change to affect, then I inversed the selection. Once that was finished, I went to Image, then to adjustments, and then to black and white, or you could go alt + shift + ctrl + b. I really enjoy this image because it shows not only canadian’s love for hockey but a diverse situation and the little hint of colour really makes the image pop!

For this collection I used 4 of the many filter techniques available. First you need to select the area of the image that you wish to keep the same, and then inverse it. Once that is complete  you go to the filter menu and choose one of the many cool selections available. I love this collection so much because it was very fun to work with all of the different techniques, and this also shows my love for Sidney Crosby!

This picture is all about me! I love this picture because it shows everything of interest to me. To create this picture I used a variety of image and selected them, followed by inversing them to move onto this background. I really love this picture because it shows how diverse I am and shows all of my interests.

To create this image we used the gritty technique. To do this we used high pass and low pass layers followed by the “hard light” technique. I think this picture is of interest to me because the end result looks so cool and it is a good memory from my trip to encounters with canada. I would definitely like to try making more gritty pictures in the future.


 To create this image we you many layers and many different techniques. I think I most enjoy this image not only because its a classic disney character but it was very fun to create once I learned the steps on how to do it. Many different cartoonists create images like this and I think some day a career like this may me interesting.


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